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1658g Diagnosis, prevention and compensation of ods in china
  1. Z Min
  1. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS)/Peking Union Medical College (PUMC)


Introduction Occupational health is fundamental for the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) across the world, China has launched a new run of Healthy China 2030 Plan in 2017, it is of great impact to occupational diseases(OD) prevention and Control in China.

Methods To analyse the situation of OD prevention and control in China, in the context of dynamic system with policy development and organisational facilitating.

Results First, There have been strong policy advocacy of DO prevention and control in China recently, including National Plan on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases (2016–2020), National occupational health standards and implementation, and National major occupational diseases sentinel monitoring programme, et al. Second, System of Policy-making and regulation enforcement is optimising, among departmental organisations, ODs reporting and notification system, as well as national occupational health standard committee. Third, There are strong points and weakness in policies relate to OD diagnosis, prevention and compensation in China, particularly analysis on Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on Work-Related Injury Insurances.

Discussion Opportunities and challenges of diagnosis, prevention and compensation of ODs in China are unprecedented, harmonised management system of occupational health at varied level is the key to purchase the goal of decent work, health and well-being and sustainable development in China.

  • Occupational disease
  • diagnosis
  • compensation
  • China

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