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1223 Korea’s risk assessment recognition system and performance
  1. HWANG Young-Kyu
  1. KOSHA training institute Professor (KOREA Occupational Safety and Health Agency)


Introduction KOSHA has promoted risk assessment in the workplace so that employers can identify, evaluate, manage and improve hazardous factors in their workplaces. Risk assessment recognition is given to excellence sites that apply for risk assessment evaluation and are recognised as proper level in risk assessment from KOSHA. As a result, this system supports the establishment of a voluntary system

*Legal basis: Article 41–2 (Risk Assessment) of the KOREA ISHA and ACoP No. 2016–2017 of the Ministry of Labour

Methods We carry out risk assessment recognition work as follows.

  • Workplaces apply for risk assessment evaluation to KOSHA attaching risk assessment result and implementation rule

  • KOSHA visit the work site within one month

  • If there are no items that are less than 50 points out of 100 points and the total score is 70 points or more, those workplaces become candidates

  • Accreditation committee composing of nine persons decides on risk assessment recognition

  • Issuance of certificate within 5 days

Results The risk assessment recognition system has been implemented since 2013 and has achieved remarkable achievement by educating about 1 30 000 employers, consulting 1 10 000 places, recognising 14 000 places, and reducing average industrial accident by 30.5% annually

Conclusion As the Korean government introduced the risk assessment recognition system to support self-safety management system in the workplace, it has achieved remarkable results. Therefore, we will expand this system further throughout incentives in reduction of Preventive rates, exemption of supervision, and facility improvement fund support, etc.

  • risk assessment
  • recognition

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