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1645f Despite the gaps, pursuing on a workplace culture of kindness
  1. J Rodriguez-Guzman,
  2. F Herrera
  1. Regional Advisor on workers’ and Consumers’ Health, Pan-American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO), Washington, DC


Efforts to protect people’s health and wellbeing in the Region of the Americas have evolved to activate massive and collective health promotion activities for workers throughout the region. For this purpose, PAHO organises and celebrates Wellness Week to promote healthy living, healthy working and healthy life styles since 2011. Facing the burdens of modern work and the ways technology, globalisation and human relationships have changed, we examined the advances done since the campaign launched in 2014 aiming to make workplace kindness a cultural value, followed by the respectful workplace policy issued in 2015; the campaign to create awareness and manage workplace stress in 2016; and the latest advance towards positive organisation and enhancing resilience at the workplace in 2017.

After developing each yearly activity, reports on the results of were made showing their impressive impact. Activities carried out had different levels of results. Very positive testimonies expressing gratefulness for the actions taken and embracing satisfaction, empowerment and sense of pertinence to the workplace. However, the persistent presence of stressful working conditions and challenges during work processes were acknowledged, affecting work-life balance and their physical and mental health. As well, employment conditions were also mentioned as a source of stress and dissatisfaction.

To improve workplace performance, further actions are needed to:

  • address specific psychosocial risks;

  • integrate organisational strategies for enhancing healthy and positive organisational skills;

  • promote protective psychosocial and behavioural factors; and

  • promote modifications to workstyles.

All together will allow to address the gaps that still persist.

  • Kindness at work
  • workplace stress
  • respectful workplace
  • resilience

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