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1703 Travel medicine: migrant workers and international spread of emerging infections in the global economy
  1. Marilou D Renales
  1. Minute Healt Care, Quezon City, Philippines


Aim of special session Discuss how globalisation results in emerging infections among migrant workers and how to prevent its transmission.

Globalisation may be defined as the transfer of businesses from the established markets to the developing economic markets. It is also evident that it has contributed to wider opportunities and enhanced equity in employment. However, there are effects of globalisation on occupational health such as in export processing zones, migrant workers, notification of work-related diseases, effects on health beyond the workplace and the under-recognition of the burden of occupational disease. This session will discuss the situation of travel medicine in the hiring of migrant workers.

1Xiuwen Sue Dong, 2Jean-Jacques Bernatas, 3Marilou Renales

1CPWR – The Centre for Construction Research and Training, Silver Spring, MD, USA

2Asian Development Bank, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

3Minute Health Care, Quezon City, Philippines

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