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955 Activity of doktor24 company group, close cooperation of occupational health,osh, prevention. presentation of good practice from large provider in hungary
  1. Éva Ruzsás,
  2. Barnabas Biró,
  3. Antal Sándor Nikl
  1. Doktor24 – Medicina B.M. Ltd, Budapest, Hungary


Presentation of the legal environment in Hungary:

  1. Cancun Charter, ICOH National Secretariat and the role of ICOH Hungarian National Secretariat in the survival of occupational health in Hungary

  2. statistics

  3. Introduction of Doktor24 company group – Professionally diverse tasks, closed and open clinics, maior central clinic

  4. Close relationship between occupational health and work safety – Mandatory flow of information on labour accidents

  5. First aid training – vocation

  6. Rapid growth of the role of labour psychologist

  7. Prevention programs – Their public health significance due to mandatory occupational health examinations

  8. Weight control program

  9. Bodywakes Lifestyle Consultant Program

  10. Smoking cessation intervention programme

  11. Cardiovascular screening

  12. Melanoma screening

  13. Promotion of the need for regular exercise – Fitness room operation

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