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1535 Profile of physicians of the work in minas gerais graduates of the medical residency and accredited course of specialisation and the evaluation of the competences required for the exercise of the medicine of the work in brazil
  1. JR Passos,
  2. AM Silveira,
  3. EC Dias
  1. Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Introduction In order to establish a more accurate diagnosis and to show a different perspective from the one shown by the study of the Medical Demography published in 2015 by the Federal Medical Council on the profile of occupational physicians in Brazil, the present study addresses the question of the profile of occupational physicians Of Minas Gerais, who graduated from the medical residency and the specialisation course, accredited by the National Association of Occupational Medicine, comparing them with the work doctors in Brazil, evaluating in each group the knowledge and skills required to practice the specialty.

Methods The study is a cross-sectional analysis using the Google Forms tool. The questionnaire consists of two blocks of variables. The first contains personal information of professionals. And the second covers the views of professionals on competencies, organised in the six areas. For each of the tasks listed, the respondents indicated the difficulty of accomplishment, the importance and the frequency with which they performed it.

Result Based on the study, it was possible to analyse the profiles of occupational physicians and to obtain a diagnosis of professional competencies, ie to identify the gap between the competencies needed to achieve the strategic objectives and the internal competences available in the training courses.

Discussion The study shows in a practical and objective way the profile and the competences of working doctors in Brazil and feeds the discussion in the light of evidence, contributing to the decision making based on medical training, allowing a transparent discussion of the variants of the specialty, Roots of some problems and inequalities shown in the training of the occupational physician. So will be able to prioritise and encourage investments in professional training and valorization, directing teaching to improve performance aimed at providing more effective responses to the working class.

  • occupational health
  • professional competence
  • profile of occupational physicians

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