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1420 A study on prevalence of metabolic syndrome and impact of work-place employee wellness promotion programs in indian cement manufacturing units
  1. Vidya Kiran Bhat
  1. Ultratech Cement Limited, Chittorgarh, India


The metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a major and escalating public health and clinical challenge worldwide in the wake of urbanisation, surplus energy intake, increasing obesity, and sedentary life habits. It is a complex disorder comprising a group of interconnected cardio-metabolic risk factors, which includes abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension and high blood sugar that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus, amongst other chronic metabolic abnormalities and leading to premature death. It is estimated that around 20–25 per cent of the world’s adult population have the MetS, has an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease and considered it an indication for intensive lifestyle modification. Balancing between energy expenditure and nutrition requirement is a delicate process that can be easily disrupted by environmental and genetic factors leading to the development of MetS.

In India, despite having 39% of the population as workforce, there is no data to understand the burden of accessible lifestyle disorders nor evidence towards efficacy of workplace health interventions. Given this, the present study was undertaken with an objective to identify and document the burden and ongoing healthy workplace interventions for control of MetS and Health Promotion in leading cement manufacturing units of Ultratech Cement limited, (An Aditya Birla Group) in India.

Periodical medical examination used to study prevalence for MetS. A total of 2176 workers of 18 to 58 years of age were included in this Pilot study. Questionnaire survey conducted to assess determinants of MetS. People with MetS are compared with healthy employees to understand the Impact of MetS on their work-life by analysing data of employees’ Absenteeism, Medical insurance claim for self, Near misses, First-aid injuries. Data compared with general prevalence of MetS in India and globally. Work-place employee wellness programs of organisation reanalyzed to check its impact on health.

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