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1730 Working too much, anywhere and at all times – workers’ health in our contemporary communication society
  1. Lucia Rotenberg
  1. Fiocruz, Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Laboratory of Health and Environmental Education, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) has changed spatial and temporal dimensions of work. Currently, in several occupations, there is a blurring of the boundaries between professional and private life, thus providing access to workers at any time of the day or night. This presentation will deal with consequences of ICT to workers’ health and well-being, including the supplemental work from home, intensification of work, and the intrusion of work into individuals’ personal life, affecting work life balance. Besides, the presentation will focus the phenomenon of constant connexion and its relation to a general feeling of time scarcity, also with implications to well-being. The view of organisations that care about working conditions, such as the Eurofound and the International Labour Office, will also be addressed, as well as policies to protect workers, such as the so-called ‘right to be disconnected’ recently implemented in France.

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