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482 Development of a training for the use of a guideline by occupational health professionals
  1. Marloes Vooijs,
  2. Daniël Bossen,
  3. Jan L Hoving,
  4. Haije Wind,
  5. Monique HW Frings-Dresen
  1. Academic Medical Centre, Department: Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, Amsterdam Public Health research institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Introduction We developed a guideline for occupational health professionals (OHPs) to optimise guidance and assessment of people with a chronic disease. Since adherence to such guidelines is generally low, a training can be used to increase OHPs compliance. Because limited evidence is available on the development of a guideline training, this study provides insight on how such a training can be developed.

Methods A qualitative approach of four steps was used. First, focus groups were held to explore OHPs training needs. OHPs prioritised guideline evidence based on implementation needs, and required knowledge and skills to use the evidence in practice. Second, based on the training needs, learning objectives were formulated by the researchers. Third, experts in the field of education were interviewed to explore relevant teaching methods. Finally, researchers integrated all results in a final training approach to optimise OHPs guidance and assessment.

Results OHPs reported various training needs, after which 17 learning objectives were formulated, such as identification of factors and effective interventions that influence work participation, and stimulating the own role of people with a chronic disease. To provide these learning goals in practice, experts reported various teaching methods, including the provision of homework, case study, role play, discussion of best practices, debate, and interview with stakeholders. The training needs and teaching methods were integrated in a six hour training day.

Discussion This study shows that OHPs indicated several training needs to use the guideline in practice. These training needs can be provided through the use of various teaching methods, which are mostly closely related to OHPs daily practice. Providing an overview of the proces of development of may support researchers and developers of occupational guidelines in the development of other guideline trainings.

  • Guideline adherence
  • medical training
  • employment

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