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1534 Interprofessional education for worker health surveillance
  1. VA Mininel1,
  2. AP Griggio2,
  3. JAM Silva1,
  4. S Appenzeller3
  1. 1Assistance Professor, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Sao Carlos, Brazil
  2. 2Master’s student, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Sao Carlos, Brazil
  3. 3Associate Professor, State University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil


Introduction Interprofessional education and collaborative practice are an innovative strategy to strengthen healthcare services and have been encouraged by World Health Organisation. Efforts to promote them in undergraduate and professional education can contribute to promoting comprehensive health care and to answering healthcare needs and demands. Considering the relevance of this thematic and its potential contribution for worker health surveillance, this study aimed to develop a Interprofessional education activity to undergraduate students and healthcare professionals to promote actions of worker health surveillance.

Methods Intervention study, performed in two steps in a Brazilian university. (1) planning of the activity, through the collaborative practice among professors from seven courses from health area: nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, gerontology, phycology and physical education. Meetings were guided by Interprofessional education and aimed to construct common competencies for multiple professions, to define pedagogical strategies, learning goals and evaluation tools. (2) implementation of the 60 hours-activity, which will be offer to undergraduate students from different health courses and healthcare professional in the next semester. Study approved by ethical committee of research.

Results Collaborative practice and interprofessional education are themes less known and explored in Brazilian universities and healthcare services context. Efforts in this way had been made in our setting to allow the planning of activity. It has been an important step in the university bring these theoretical approach to discussion, reflection and learning and, thus, changing the reality through an activity that has potential to become part of regular schedule of optative activities.

Discussion Until this moment of research, the activity has been planned and the collaborative practice has been possible, promoting actions of interprofessional educational and strengthen the healthcare services.

  • Interprofessional relations
  • Occupational Health
  • Public Health Education for Professionals

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