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0177 Occupational risk assessment on chrysotile production
  1. Serik Ibraev,
  2. Alexeyev Alexey,
  3. Asset Izdenov
  1. Karaganda State Medical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan


The research was conducted at the only enterprise in Kazakhstan producing chrysotile - ”Kostanai minerals” JSC. Sanitary and hygienic studies were carried out and working conditions were evaluated at 102 workplaces of the Processing Complex (PC). The level of Morbidity with Temporary Incapacity for Work (MTIW) was analysed for 758 employees of the PC workers. The occupational risk assessment was carried out according to the method proposed by professor Izmerov. For the processing and analysis of data, the probabilistic-statistical methods and the odds ratio method are applied.

By using results of the conducted studies of working conditions of PC workers was established that the main unfavourable factors of the labour process are the increased noise level and dustiness of workplace air. As a result of the analysis has established the following features: 1. Female`s indicators of the MTIW are more expressed than males; 2. Established that morbidity rates are significantly higher among workers aged 30–39 years and work experience at the PC up to 9 years. 3. According to the main MTIW indicators, the following groups are at the highest level: ”Traumas in everyday life”, ”Diseases of the respiratory organs, including SARS” and ”Diseases of the musculoskeletal system”

Based on the degree of significance of the location of occupational risk indicators, the categories and criteria for the health profiling of health of PC workers are defined in the following order: 1) ”MTIW” and ”integral disability index”; 2) ”working environment class”; 3) ”occupational disease” and ”occupational disease index”.

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