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0010 Epidemiology of road crash and accident fatalities among bus and truck drivers: vulnerable occupational group
  1. Sophia Francesca Lu
  1. College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Manila, Manila, The Philippines


Aim This study looked at occupational road crashes among truck and bus drivers in comparison to other drivers and motorists on the road of Metro Manila which is one of the cities with a high traffic density. One of the most precarious and risky occupations is driving especially buses used for public transportation, and trucks for commercial activities.

Methods The study used meta-analysis of previous studies conducted, grey literature, government statistics, and validation through key database research in concerned national government agencies involved in road traffic from 2010–2015.

Results The study found that the in terms of the number of public utility vehicles registered in Metro Manila (2015), 51.27% were buses and 20.21% were trucks. Majority of the drivers worked more than 12 hours a day. In terms of time and peak of accidents, it is alarming to note that about 35% of the road crashes occurred from 22–23 gmt (2010–2015), and 30% from 23–24 (2010–2015) gmt. Human error accounted for the overwhelming cause of road crashes such as drunk driving, beating the red light, sleepiness, at 99.52% in 2012, 99.47% in 2013, 95.33% in 2014, and 97.19% in 2015.

Conclusion The study has shown how risky driving is as an occupation especially due to the work schedule. The study suggests developing better information, education and communication campaign and policies particularly on pedestrian safety, road safety, road-sharing concepts. Moreover, it is suggested that occupational health and safety among drivers as a special occupational group should be carried out.

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