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O28-2 Work-related factors for erosive esophagitis
  1. Yue Leon Guo1,2,
  2. Liang-Hao Hsu3,
  3. Yih-Tsong Shiau4,
  4. Shou-Chien Chen5,
  5. Shun-Chiung Yang3
  1. 1National Institute of Environmental Health Science, NHRI, Taiwan, Zhunan, Taiwan
  2. 2Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, National Taiwan University and NTU Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
  3. 3Department of Occupational Medicine, Taipei City Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
  4. 4Department of Gastroenterology, Taipei City Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
  5. 5Department of Family Medicine, Da Chien General Hospital, MiaoLi, Taiwan


Background Gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder (GERD) has become an important health problem globally in the recent years. Despite known factors of modern lifestyle, habits, old age and obesity, the contribution of work-related factors has been unclear. We aimed to examine work-related factors of erosive oesophagitis (EE).

Methods Currently employed people undergoing physical examination including upper gastrointestinal panendoscopy were recruited from a medical institute in northern Taiwan. EE was diagnosed by panendoscopy, based on the Los Angeles classification. Demographic and work factors were inquired by a self-administered structured questionnaire after informed consent.

Results A total of 636 participants satisfactorily completed the panendoscopy and questionnaire. Among them, 144 (23%) had EE. Work factors associated with EE were long sitting time at work (aOR = 2.66, CI = 1.48–4.94), taking afternoon nap at desk (aOR = 3.52, CI = 2.12–5.90), and “active” job by Job Content Questionnaire (aOR = 2.42, CI = 1.39–4.22), after adjusting for gender, age, body mass index, smoking, and exercise habit. Managerial job was a protective factor for EE (aOR = 0.53, CI = 0.30–0.92).

Conclusions Work-related factors cannot be ignored when managing GERD in employed people.

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