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P336 Self-reported on occupational safety in a private hospital, thailand
  1. Worrapan Karnjanakantorn
  1. Bangkok Hospital Group, Thailand


Background The accident report of healthcare workers in public hospital have been collected by the Ministry of Public Health in 2009, the number of injuries totaled 289 reports and 77.6% of the accidents were needlestick and sharps injuries. There are many health reports that healthcare workers have many occupational hazardous exposures not only from sharp injuries at work but also have other occupational safety problems too.

Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted during 2013 among the healthcare workers. Data was collected through questionnaire from 2,275 staffs in 188 departments inclusive of clinical and non-clinical departments.

Results There were 59.9% of healthcare workers reported experience in occupational injuries. The comparison between the clinic and non-clinic healthcare workers was done. There were 44.8% in non-clinical group and 73.6% in clinical group. There were 47.9% of healthcare workers (44.8% in non-clinical group and 54.7% in clinical group) had sick leave from occupational injuries or work-related illness but none of them had accident resulting in a fatality, disability or at least 30 days sick leave. There were 57.7% in non-clinical group and 80.4% in clinical group had complained of their colleague’s occupational injuries or work-related illness while self-reported was lower. The other problems were Lifting loads of 20–50 kg were 48.3%, Lifting loads > 50 kg were 54.7% in clinical group significantly higher than non-clinical group24.1%. There were 62.5% had repetitive wrist movement. There were high demand-low control jobs reported 48.3% in non-clinical group and 56.6% in clinical group.

Conclusions There were many reasons for under-reporting of work related injuries and illnesses by healthcare workers. The ergonomics problem, environmental hazard exposures and job stress are urgent problems and should be given priority to prevent occupational injuries.

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