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P297 Towards a healthier specialised medical training
  1. José Antonio González-Ares,
  2. Alejandro Guerrero,
  3. Xavier Orpella,
  4. Laura Ramirez,
  5. Noemí Prat
  1. Badalona Serveis Assistencials SA, Badalona (Barcelona), Spain


Introduction The formation of specialised healthcare in Spain initiated formal way in the year 1978. Its Objective is to acquire competencies and responsibility way for progressive and tutored to exercise properly forms the chosen specialty.

The health of residents Doctors concerned for years those responsible both occupational health as teaching units and evidently residents, primarily involved in the issue. In a literature search conducted several studies found in Anglo-Saxon countries but are difficult to extrapolate to our area. In our country we find some studies that identify factors related to stress residents during their training period.

In October 2006 a Royal Decree regulating the employment of specialists training is approved. It describes the need for all awardees must be made at the beginning of his residence a medical examination to check that patients are disease or have limitations (physical, mental or sensory) that is not compatible with the development of its training program indicated.

Objective Develop a monitoring protocol covering the entire period of residence in relation to occupational health of residents.

Methodology A working group between occupational health services and teaching unit to design a protocol for monitoring the occupational health of residents throughout the period of residence was established.

Results The protocol includes

  1. Identification of the skills acquired.

  2. Activities and tasks to acquire that competence.

  3. Initial assessment of the resident in relation to the above items.

  4. Annual monitoring of the most important aspects identified.

  5. Agile communication between occupational health and teaching unit while maintaining confidentiality.

Conclusions This protocol will result in the formation of the benefit and health of residents.

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