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P278 No effect of cell phone exposure on male testosterone and luteinizing hormone levels
  1. Ole Jacob Møllerløkken1,
  2. Bente Elisabeth Moen1,
  3. Gunnhild Oftedal2,
  4. Valborg Baste1,
  5. Kjell Hansson Mild3
  1. 1University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
  2. 2Sør-Trøndelag University College, Trondheim, Norway
  3. 3Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden


Objective Over the years increasing use of cell phone technology have raised concern regarding this technology. Due to this concern, studies have been performed and some indicates a negative effect of cell phone on reproduction hormones testosterone and luteinizing hormone. However, methodological weaknesses have been a major issue in this research. The present study assesses reproductive hormones among healthy young men who use cell phones.

Materials and methods 24 healthy male students were investigated with questionnaire on background factors and cell phone habits. In addition three repeated blood-samples, all taken with a very specific protocol were collected. Analyses has been done on testosterone and luteinizing hormone.

Results The hormone levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormone revealed no major differences in regards to how the participants used the cell phone in number of minutes per day, and nor by which cell phone technology they had (GSM or 3G).

Conclusions This study does not find an influence on the male reproductive hormones testosterone and luteinizing hormone, neither by cell phone use nor cell phone technology among young men. The protocol for the study was very strict and potential confounding was addressed. However, uncertainties in exposure assessment warrant future studies with better exposure classification to confirm our findings.

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