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P255 Mental suffering in brazilian nursing workers: proposals to action
  1. Patricia Baptista,
  2. Natalia Pereira,
  3. Mirian Almeida,
  4. Flavio Gosling,
  5. Carolina Bernardes
  1. University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Introduction Many researchers have demonstrated the presence of suffering at work researches show the precariousness of health work, specifically in Brazilian nurses, has been an important factor in the genesis of mental suffering, considering the lack of human resources and material, work overload, the multiple demands and low pay. Objectives: analyse the occurrence of mental suffering in Brazilian nursing workers, describe the consequences and propose interventions to reduce the suffering.

Methods This is a cross-sectional, descriptive, and quantitative study carried out in a Teaching Hospital. Data were collected by nursing workers health surveillance software (SiMOSTE)

Results The study recorded 540 occurrences of Mental and Behavioural Disorders in nurses, more than half of (305; 56.49%) related to Mood disorders, of which we highlight Depressive episodes (190; 35.18%) and the Recurrent depressive disorder (85; 15.75%). For the consequences of Mental and Behavioural Disorders, it was found out, 462 generated sick leaves with an average of 7.67 lost days, 76 resulted in psychiatrist treatment, and 2 caused occupational accidents. In relation to proposals for intervention were suggested : make breaks at work, implement conversation circles and improvement of teamwork. It is necessary discuss the forms of organisations of work, between what is prescribed and what actually takes (Dejours, 2012).

Place – and its implications for the scope of psychodynamics of work and mental health.

Conclusions The study reveals the relation between the nursing workers and mental suffering, allowing the identification of workloads and strain process to planning of interventions.

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