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P238 Mental health disorders related to psychosocial risk factors in workplace, referred to the unitat de salut laboral of barcelonès nord between 2011–2015
  1. Laura Ramírez,
  2. Alejandro Guerrero,
  3. Xavier Orpella,
  4. Noemí Prat,
  5. Josep Anton González
  1. Badalona Serveis Assistencials, Badalona, Espanya


Introduction The Unitat de Salut Laboral of Barcelonès Nord I Maresme is the specialised reference unit that supports primary care and specialised in managing cases of work-related health problems.

Objectives Describe the psychosocial risk factors to which the patients referred to our unit are exposed.

Describe the perceived harassment activities in patients who have been identified exposure to systematic hostile behaviour at work.

Methodology During the reporting period, we visited a total of 624 patients diagnosed with mental health disorders (anxiety, depression or adjustment disorder) to assess their relationship with work. In order to identify the exposure to different psychosocial risk factors and to establish a causal link with work, we used a clinical-work interview and the Leymann Inventory of Psychological Test terrorization that was performed to objectify activities harassment perceived by the patient.

Results In 92% of cases we found occupational exposure to psychosocial risk factors. Of the total cases, 70% the presence of systematic hostile behaviour was observed in 10% psychosocial risk factors related to the theoretical model demands-control-support, at 7% psychosocial risk factors related stress-compensation model and 13% tried to specific conflicts. The activities most frequently objectified in cases in which prevailed exposure to systematic hostile behaviour were related to communication workers (verbal threat), professional or personal discrediting (inequitably monitoring their work) and the inability to maintain social contacts.

Conclusions The identification of psychosocial risk factors that exposed a patient in his job, allows a better therapeutic approach based on a correct treatment, but especially, in adequate preventive intervention on working conditions related to development pathology.

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