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Wallin M, Sallsten G, Lundh T, Barregard L. Low level cadmium exposure and effects on kidney function. Occup Environ Med 2014;71:848–54.

In Table 2 the lines for ON U-A1M and ON U-KIM had been shifted one step down, and values for ON U-KIM in model 3 were incorrect. In addition, the table caption was incorrect. The table below contains a corrected table caption and the correct values for ON U-KIM.

Dependent variableON U-Cd µg/h β, SE (p value)µg/L β, SE (p value)
ON U-KIM (ng/h)
Model 1 with U-Cd14, 8.6 (0.10)0.01, 24 (0.96)
Model 2 with U-Cd14, 8.7 (0.10)─0.01, 0.30 (0.97)
Model 3 with U-Cd13, 8.6 (0.13)0.26, 0.28 (0.35)
Table 2

Associations between biomarkers of exposure to cadmium and selected ln-transformed markers of kidney function in multiple regression models including age, sex, weight, smoking (never/ever), and pack-years.

Consequently, there were no significant associations between U-KIM and U-Cd. U-KIM should therefore not be mentioned as associated with U-Cd in the abstract, result or discussion.

Additionally, the sentence on page 853 that reads “The bias is clearly shown in table 1, where eGFR is about 10% higher than mGFR” should read “The bias is clearly shown in table 1, where mGFR is about 10% higher than eGFR”.

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