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Author’s response: Re ‘Mobile phone use and brain tumours in the CERENAT case–control study’
  1. Gaëlle Coureau1,2,3,
  2. Karen Leffondre2,
  3. Anne Gruber1,
  4. Ghislaine Bouvier1,2,
  5. Isabelle Baldi1,2,4
  1. 1 Laboratoire Santé Travail Environnement, Univ Bordeaux, ISPED, Bordeaux, France
  2. 2 INSERM, ISPED, Centre INSERM U897-Epidémiologie-Biostatistique, Bordeaux, France
  3. 3 Service d'information médicale, CHU de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France
  4. 4 Service de Médecine du Travail, CHU de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France
  1. Correspondence to Dr Gaëlle Coureau, Université de Bordeaux, ISPED, Laboratoire Santé Travail Environnement, 146 rue Léo Saignat, Bordeaux Cedex 33076, France; gaelle.coureau{at}

Statistics from

We thank Dr Hardell for his comment1 on our article concerning analyses regarding head position of mobile phone use.2

In our analysis on ipsilateral use, we included cases who used their mobile phone on the same side as the tumour or on both sides of the head, cases who were not regular users (the reference category) and all their matched controls. In our analysis on contralateral use, we used cases who used their mobile phone on the opposite side as the tumour, cases who were not …

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