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0243 Screening and Disability Prevention for Musculoskeletal Disorders of High-Tech Industry Workers in Taiwan
  1. Ya-Yuan Hsu
  1. Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Taipei, Taiwan


Objectives In Taiwan, 40–60% of the working population is affected by musculoskelet al disorders (MSD). MSD may lead to reduced productivity, decreased work ability, and even disability. The aim of this study was to describe the effects about occupational health medical team preventing and management of MSD.

Method The design was prospective study describing the high-tech industry workers screening and disability prevention for MSD. The quantitative analysis of the questionnaire was conducted through descriptive statistics and pair- t test in order to indicate the direction and relationship between the two sets of occupational health medical team intervention program.

Results Of the 386 high-tech industry workers who completed the questionnaire. The use of pair-t test comparing two months of occupational health medical program, individual symptom scores significantly decreased 1.99 points to 6.12 points. The degree of functional subjects increased from 57% to 74%, a significant improvement. Work ability index before treatment was 38.49 to 39.36 points after treatment improved, particularly in the self-evaluation and self-ability and physical work / effort needs very significant improvement in symptoms improve work ability index, increased efficiency and productivity. Subjects original degree of disability is about 22.33%, significantly decreased to 18.1% after treatment.

Conclusions Early worksite screening and intervention for MSDs performed by occupational health medical team intervention program were effective on improving the work ability and the functional level. This service may also prevent worsening of the MSDs, and lead to significant reductions in occupational disorders, decreased health care costs, and improvements in production efficiency.

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