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0197 The Participation for Solid Waste Management Appropriate Model of Undergraduate in Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand
  1. Anong Hansakul
  1. Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand


Objectives The objective was to study participatory for solid waste management of undergraduate students Faculty of Physical Education Srinakarinwirot University Ongkarak.

Method Collect the data by the questionnaire developed interview used as a tool to collect employed quantitative data. The content validity was improved and adjusted by the suggestion of the experts.

Results The result revealed that: the sample were women 75.5%, age between 18–22 years old, age average 19.75 years old (S. D.=1.047, Min=18, Max=22), the bin condition, or storage of waste provided by the University have various stains 81.5%, minor is not covered or close incompletely 56.8% and 36.1% damaged, broken or leaking the trash. The storage of waste by University provide cause of nuisance 88.7%; almost of foul smell 92.5%, minor is nuisance form animals and insects such as flies, mice, etc., 36.6% and the other (the leachate outflow / waste overflow flooded / gruesome) 4.2%. The knowledge level about solid waste management almost moderate level 53.5%, minor was high level 45.5% and low level 1.1%. The attitude level about solid waste management almost moderate 65.8%, minor were low level 18.2%, and high level 16.0%. The practice behaviour level about solid waste management almost moderate 72.8%, minor were high level 15.2% and low level 12.0%.

Conclusions Undergraduate students have the knowledge, but not implemented for separate the garbage, and the correct type of waste, uncooperative for separate the garbage because of that embarrassment and there is not enough knowledge about solid waste management. The University do not have the campaign seriously.

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