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0136 Respiratory surveillance in Thai automobile workers
  1. Worrapan Karnjanakantorn
  1. Bangkok Hospital Group, Bangkok, Thailand


Objectives To survey the pulmonary function test in automobile workers.

Background There are some working processes in automobile factory that can affect lung function. Thailand had developed health surveillance in respiratory e.g. predicted values of pulmonary function test for Thai population for a decade.

Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted during June–August 2013 among the workers. Data was collected through periodic examination from 165 people who participated in the study.

Results All workers were male. They were 26–54 years of age and their average working years were 8.8 ± 2.6 years. The report of abnormal pulmonary function test was 12.7% (21 people). They were found to have restricted lung function and had mild to moderate severity without any abnormal chest X-ray. There was 19% (4 people) who had abnormal as same as the previous test in 2012. There was 47% (10 people) who work in welding and body painting zone. The other biological monitoring 2,5-dioxohexane, Toluene, Xylene was done in 17 people who were exposed to these substances and the level was normal.

Conclusions Pulmonary function test is a useful test especially for health surveillance in welding and painting zone even though occupational or work related lung disease was not diagnosed. The environmental examination should be done to explain the working condition.

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