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0104 The Impact of Occupational Stress on Suicide Ideation of Subway Drivers
  1. Jongin Lee,
  2. Junsu Byun,
  3. Se Eun Kim,
  4. Hye-Eun Lee,
  5. Hyoung-Ryoul Kim
  1. Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Objectives To investigate and manage subway drivers’ mental health, we conducted a temporary mental health checkup on the subway drivers of one transportation company, and analysed the relationship between the suicide ideation and occupational stress factors.

Method The subway drivers (n = 995) were asked to fill out a questionnaire and individual interviews were conducted afterwards. Interviews were performed using Korean Composite International Diagnostic Interview (K-CIDI). Participants were classified into two groups; suicide ideation group (SIG) and non suicide ideation group (NSIG). Socio-demographic factors, health information, occupational characteristics, Korean Occupational Stress Scale (KOSS), Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS) and Centre for Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D) were included in the questionnaire. Relationship between occupational stress and the suicide ideation within a year were analysed using multiple logistic regression.

Results Logistic regression model after adjusting the age showed that domains of Job demand, Insufficient job control, Interpersonal conflict, Lack of reward, Occupational climate had significant relationship with suicidal ideation. Another model that adjusted factors that was significant in descriptive statistics revealed that domains of Insufficient job control (OR=2.223), Interpersonal conflict (OR=2.478), Lack of reward (OR=2.701) had significant relationship with suicidal ideation.

Conclusions Three occupational stress domains of KOSS had statistically significant relationship with the suicidal ideation within a year after adjusting occupational factors that was related to it. To prevent subway drivers’ suicide ideation, stress management program should be applied to this group.

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