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0017 Life quality in workers with related musculoskeletal disorders
  1. Andressa Soares1,
  2. Fernanda Caetano1,
  3. Joyce Braga1,
  4. Antonio Fernandes2,
  5. Eduardo Filoni1,2
  1. 1Cruzeiro Do Sul University, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  2. 2University of Mogi Das Cruzes, Mogi Das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil


Objectives Analyse the quality of life of workers of administrative department who carry out repetitive functions in a medical certification central.

Method This study was carried out in a transversal analytical approaching. The sample was constituted by 62 workers of the administrative sector of a medical certification central in the state of São Paulo. As an instrument of gathering the data the used questionnaires were: Anamnesis Questionnaire with personal and professional data, Nordic Questionnaire, Job stress scale, SF-36 Quality of Life Questionnaire. The characterisation of the sample was obtained through descriptive statistics, where test t and correlation of Pearson test were applied.

Results a According to the results of the analysis of the Nordic questionnaire, 33, 87% mentioned feeling pain in the wrists and hands. In the correlation made among the data of SF-36 and Nordic questionnaire, it was showed that they presented complaints about the Nordic, minor was the score in the variables of SF-36: limitation by physical aspects, pain, vitality, emotional aspects and mental health.

Conclusions It is concluded that the most affected segments were wrists and hands, with 33, 87%, followed by anklebone and feet with 16, 13%.

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