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0228 Perceived Workplace Discrimination and Self Rated Health in the Chilean Workforce
  1. Junhee Cho,
  2. Devan Hawkins,
  3. Laura Kernan,
  4. Manuel Cifuentes
  1. University of Massachusetts Lowell, Work Enviroment, Lowell, USA


Objectives Increased research shows that perceived discrimination adversely affects physical and psychological health. Even though discrimination or concealed racism is an important characteristic of the Chilean society, which can be confirmed historically, it is not perceived as an important social problem for mainstream Chile. This paper aims to estimate the prevalence rate of workplace perceived discriminatory experience (WPDE) and its association with self-rated health status in the Chilean workforce

Method Data from the first national survey on employment, work, and health in Chile. Study population of 9720 selected by multistage random sampling drawn to be representative of the entire working population. Study participants were asked about their WPDE (multiple questions) and general self rated health status (one question). Adjusting by demographic and socioeconomic factors, multivariable Poisson-log generalised linear mixed models were used to estimate the association between WPED and self-rated health.

Results Approximately 17% reported being a victim of WPDE. Age, income, education, and minority (nine ethnicities) were strongly associated with WDPE. Female workers showed higher rate (19.6%) of WPDE than male workers (15.6%). After simultaneously controlling for potential confounders, WPDE was positively associated with poor self-rated health (PR = 2.12, CI = 1.46–3.05).

Conclusions There is positive association between WPDE and poor self-rated health in Chile. These results may be used to emphasise the importance of enacting preventive and protective workplace discrimination policies. Further research is required to study the causal mechanism of the link and best preventive and protective measures.

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