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0410 Long night shifts among health workers and physical and mental health: the influence of on-shift nap and domestic work
  1. Lucia Rotenberg,
  2. Rosane Griep,
  3. Aline Silva-Costa,
  4. Luciana Portela,
  5. Thiago Diniz,
  6. Adenilda Arruda
  1. Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Objectives This presentation during the Shift work Symposium aims to discuss data on physical and mental health among health workers, considering the relevance of on-shift naps and routine housework. In addition, the presentation aims also to analyse the cumulative exposure to night work.

Method Data to be presented are based on several epidemiological studies among nursing teams working at 18 Brazilian public hospitals. Databank includes information on socio-demographic and health. Data on work refers to the allowance (or not) to take naps during the night shift and nap regularity. Occupational history data considers (i) whether day workers have worked at night in the past and for how long and (ii) the reasons for quitting night work among former night workers.

Results The allowance for taking naps was observed in all studied hospitals. On-shift nap is a frequent practice among nursing workers. The analysis of occupational history revealed to be relevant as regards physical and mental health. Among former night workers, those who quitted night work for health reasons are at a higher risk of reporting mental suffering.

Conclusions Housework demands seem to aggravate sleep deprivation related to night work, despite evidences of beneficial effects of on-shift naps on workers’ recovery. The specific study of former night workers has revealed to be a fruitful approach in studies on health, obesity included, lifestyle and habits, as well as sleep disturbances. Occupational history is an adequate approach for a comprehensive understanding of the impact of night work on health.

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