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0351 G-estimation: why does it work and what does it offer?
  1. Sally Picciotto1,
  2. Ellen A Eisen1,
  3. Jonathan Chevrier2
  1. 1University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
  2. 2McGill University, Montreal, PQ, Canada


Objectives Standard data analysis procedures provide biassed answers to etiologic questions in occupational studies. G-estimation is an alternative that allows researchers to avoid healthy worker survivor bias, and its results can be expressed as estimates of the impacts of hypothetical policy interventions.

Method Rather than estimating the association between observed exposure and observed outcome, g-estimation models the counterfactual outcomes under no exposure as a function of observed outcomes and exposures. Adjustment for confounders is achieved by predicting exposure conditional on those confounders and on the counterfactual outcome. The method leverages the assumption that all confounders are measured: within strata of the measured confounders, observed exposure is “randomised”--that is, statistically independent of counterfactual outcome. This allows for correct adjustment for time-varying confounders affected by prior exposure and thus avoids healthy worker survivor bias.

Results Results can be expressed in terms of the impacts of hypothetical exposure limits. For example, after g-estimation of an accelerated failure time model, counterfactual survival times under a series of specified exposure limits can each be compared to observed survival time. This allows the researcher to report estimates of the total number of years of life that could have been saved by enforcing each limit.

Conclusions G-estimation is a valuable tool for occupational epidemiologists because it can both prevent bias due to the healthy worker survivor effect and estimate the impacts of hypothetical exposure limits.

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