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156 Workplace Occupational Health Information
  1. KS Wilson,
  2. Darwin Jones
  1. NIOH, Johannesburg, South Africa


Objectives An information system on occupational hazards, injuries and near misses as well as disease and associated risk factors and prevention measures needed and/or implemented is essential for any large employer to effectively manage and mitigate injuries and diseases in work place. The information provided by a system is only as good as the information entered to the system thus staff attitude towards the system and surveillance is important to ascertain for the program to work effectively

Method A 15% stratified random sample of employees was selected to participate in the baseline online survey. The questions covered incidents, workplace hazards and employee health. The employees were contacted via email with regular reminders to participate.

Results There were 314 participants giving a 32% response rate. 23% of employees did not know or were unsure how to contact their safety health and environment officer. In the past 5 years 9% of staff have suffered needlesticks and the majority (65%) reported the incident to both their supervisor and their health and safety representative. A few reported to a colleague or first aid provider and only 1 did not report. With other occupational injuries and diseases the patterns were the same. 60% of staff have received all three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine and 26% received flu vaccines.

Conclusions The response rate was what was expected for this population and the majority indicated that they report all incidents which suggests that an online information system will be used and provide a valuable resource. With 40% of staff not complete with their Hepatitis B vaccines an information system will allow nurses to track these employees more effectively.

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