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147 Description of work accidents in serious condition paraná - Southern Brazil
  1. La S Aracema Scussiato1,
  2. V E A F Felli2
  1. 1Curitiba, Brazil
  2. 2University of Sao Paulo - School of Nursing, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Objective Characterise serious occupational accidents occurred in the state of Paraná between 2007 and 2010.

Methods This is a descriptive epidemiological study design, cross-sectional and retrospective type, which covered the area of the state of Paraná, southern Brazil. Data source was the Sistema de Informação de Agravos de Notificação (Brazilian Case Registry Database). The inclusion criterion was being a worker aged 16 to 65 years. We have selected 24 variables and the data analysis followed descriptive statistics.

Results Between 2007 and 2010, were 4354 notifications, with an increase in records number as the years progressed. Regarding to the workers profile, 88.36% were male, predominantly Caucasian (69.66%), 21.52% finished secondary school, and 17.16% were between 26 and 30 years. Most affected occupations were among workers in mining industry and construction (13.85%), production of consumer goods and industrial services (13.37%) and services workers, safety and security, selling at stores (11.97%). Regarding to work situation, 70.88% of workers had a formal contract, however, the CAT (employment record card) was issued in only 59.26% of cases. Regarding to the accidents, 58.45% occurred in employer’s facilities, during the day, predominantly between 9 and 10 am. Of those, 73.95% were typical, 21.54% were in transit, and almost all (94.64%) of injured workers needed medical attention. The accidents were mainly caused by external causes of accidental injury (53.10%) and by accidents (24.58%). Most affected body parts were hands (37.16%). About cases evolution, 56.38% of workers were temporarily disabled and 9.74% died due to the accident.

Conclusions Accidents at work cause serious social and economic damages, mental and emotional harm to workers, their family and dependents. To the Public Health, accidents at work involve spending on emergency, assistance, and rehabilitation; to country’s economy, workers in productive age are lost.

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