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122 Absenteeism by conjunctivitis and dermatitis health care in professionals who use latex at a university hospital in Sćo Paulo, Brazil
  1. E.C.S. Sá,
  2. Campos,
  3. Piovesan,
  4. Pustiglione
  1. Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sāo Paulo, Sāo Paulo, Brazil


Objectives To evaluate absenteeism in health care professionals that showed removal by conjunctivitis and contact dermatitis from the latex during the period September, 2011 to September, 2012 at a university hospital in São Paulo, Brazil.

Methods We performed a study about the absenteeism among health professionals of university hospital in São Paulo, from September 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012, with workers who have had absences related to conjunctivitis and dermatitis contact. Moreover, were consulted scientific databases (MEDLINE via PubMed, LILACS, SciELO) between October 1 and November 20, 2012, restricting the articles in English, Portuguese or Spanish, published between 1990 and 2011.

Results There was 96 workers diagnosed with contact dermatitis and 1331 workers with conjunctivitis. In the sample, were identified eleven staff who had both diagnoses of conjunctivitis and contact dermatitis: 05 were workers from various areas of the hospital and 06 were health professionals, such as: 01 laboratory technician, 01 nurse and 04 nursing technicians, who used latex gloves in their daily workday. There were 36 days of removal by conjunctivitis and contact dermatitis associated. This study showed the importance to research in different health institutions, aimed at earlier diagnosis related to latex allergy and to establish prevention campaigns, including the identification of the factors sensibilization in occupational health programs of the health care professionals.

Conclusion The study suggests the possibility of correlation between the both diagnosis of conjunctivitis and dermatitis to latex in healthcare professionals.

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