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46 Burnout syndrome and common mental disorders in pediatric nursing workers
  1. C P Baptista,
  2. Tito,
  3. Silva,
  4. Vasconcelos,
  5. ea Felli
  1. University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Objectives Burnout syndrome is characterised by chronic stress related to work, in which there has been a gradual physical and mental strain process. The consequences to workers are related to their professional, familiar and social relationship. The nursing care in paediatric cardiology has been reported as very painful and distressing, and thus generating mental disorders. Aimed to identify the presence of burnout and common mental disorders (CMD) in nursing workers of a paediatric cardiology unit.

Methods This study was conducted with 92 nursing workers of a paediatric cardiology unit of a publicBrazilianUniversityHospital. The Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), the Self Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ-20) and a questionnaire to characterise socio-demographic data were used to data collection. Data analysis considered chi-square test and Pearson correlation coefficient to associate the SRQ-20 and socio-demographic variables, and the SRQ-20 with the three dimensions assessed by the MIB.

Results The results showed that the nursing workers have on average 31 years old, 93.5% were female, 3% worked less than 10 years in a paediatric and neonatal cardiology unit, and 79.3% have only one employment. It was observed burnout in 8 nursing workers (8.7%) and 41(45.0%) with CMD. Considering the socio-demographic variables, the chi-square test didn’t show significant association with burnout and CMD. However, the chi-square test showed significant association between burnout e CMD (p < 0.005). The Pearson correlation coefficient showed an correlation between CMD and the three dimensions of burnout, Emotional Exaustion (r = 0.59), despersonalisation (r = 0.44) and Reduce Personal Accomplishment (r = -0.31), a reverse score.

Conclusions This study showed association between the burnout and CMD and correlation with the three dimensions of burnout with the CMD. Future research should focus upon identifying paediatric nurses with CMD earlier, avoiding the burnout syndrome and abandonment of profession.

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