Table of contents

September 2013 - Volume 70 - Suppl 1

23rd Conference on Epidemiology in Occupational Health EPICOH 2013: Improving the Impact June 18–21, 2013, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Occupational and Environmental Medicine: 70 (Suppl 1)

Session: A. Exposure assessment I

Session: B. Other

Session: C. Health Impact I

Session: D. Exposure assessment II

Session: E. Sustainable employability

Session: F. Health care II

Session: G. Hazard identification (psycho social)

Session: H. Cancer epidemiology I

Session: I. Injury

Session: J. Respiratory epidemiology

Session: K. Musculoskeletal disease

Session: L. RICOH

Session: M. Cancer epidemiology II

Session: N. Noise & hearing

Session: O. Biomarker

Session: P. Other diseases

Session: Q. Exposure assessment III

Session: R. Musculoskeletal disease

Session: S. Health impact II

Session: T. Intervention studies & health management

Session: U. Cancer epidemiology III

Session: V. Health care

Session: W. Methods

Session: Mini sympsoium I: Nanomaterials and health: Sponsored by Nanonext-NL

Session: Mini symposium II: Occupational cancer in Europe (SHECAN)

Session: Mini symposium III: Workers compensation

Session: Mini symposium IV: Disease surveillance

Session: Mini symposium V: Shift work and cancer

Session: Plenary session

Session: Plenary session RICOH: Introduction and work activities

Session: Parallel session 1 RICOH: Stress, shift work and occupations with chemical exposure

Session: Parallel session 2 RICOH: Child behavior and semen quality

Session: 1. Health impact analysis I

Session: 2. Exposure assessment I

Session: 3. Electro magnetic fields and health

Session: 4. Occupational cancer

Session: 5. Muscoskeletal disorders

Session: 6. Intervention studies I

Session: 7. Occupational asthma

Session: 8. Hazard identification I

Session: 9. Asbestos and mesothelioma

Session: 10. Hazard identification II

Session: 11. Neurological outcomes

Session: 12. Late breaking abstracts

Session: 13. Exposure assessment methods I

Session: 14. Exposure assessment II

Session: 15. Occupational injuries

Session: 16. Lung cancer

Session: 17. Intervention sick leave

Session: 18. Exposure assessment III

Session: 19. Life course trajectories

Session: 20. Risk modelling

Session: 21. Low back pain

Session: 22. Miners and cancer

Session: 23. Biological agents

Session: 24. Intervention lifestyle

Session: 25. Shift work and health

Session: 26. Exposure assessment methods II

Session: 27. Silica and health

Session: 28. Health impact analysis physical factors

Session: 29. Health in health care

Session: 30. Lymphoma and leukemia

Session: 31. Exposure assessment IV

Session: 32. Agriculture and cancer

Session: 33. Hazard identification and biomarkers

Session: 34. Health impact analysis II

Session: 35. Occupational respiratory health