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Poster-discussion: Cancer
Occupational cancer monitoring: a unique opportunity to protect human health
  1. Paolo Crosignani1,
  2. Edoardo Bai1,
  3. Enrico Oddone2
  1. 1National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy
  2. 2Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, Pavia, Italy


Objectives Many human carcinogens were first discovered in the workplace. Even today the workers surveillance provides a unique opportunity to study and protect human health. However, a systematic exploration of cancer risk to evaluate whether workers are/were exposed to carcinogenic hazards is unusual in EU.

Methods and results In Italy such a system, based on available electronic archives, is active and has proven to be very effective to: (1) estimate the cancer risk by area, economic sector and cancer site; (2) identify new or unusual economic activities where carcinogenic hazards can be present; (3) produce new hypotheses of carcinogenic hazards; (4) identify cases of potential occupational origin.

Conclusions Based on our experience, and taking into account other EU experiences (eg, those of Nordic Countries), here we propose to set up a network of EU institutions and experts to assess the feasibility in each EU country of a systematic occupational cancer monitoring

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