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Poster-discussion: Farming
Health surveillance study in the agricultural workers of Jagiroad area of Nowgong district, Assam, India
  1. Ranjit Hazarika,
  2. Sadananda Das,
  3. Jyoti Rekha Das
  1. M C College, Barpeta, Assam, India


Objectives Health risk due to extensive use of organic pesticides both organochlorine and organophosphate is obvious in the third world countries and therefore to study the safety of the workers, health surveillance is required.

Methods The study has been attempted among 180 field workers in Jagroad who were engaged in handling pesticide extensively in agriculture. In the Jagiroad area some places of agricultural field were selected randomly. There was no definite work schedule for the workers, exposures were recorded in terms of weeks. All the workers selected for study were male and within the age group of 30.00±2.5 exposed for a period of more than 10–30 years. A group of 60 subjects was selected with comparable age, sex, and socio-economic status but not occupationally exposed to pesticides. Protective devices and hygienic measure taken by the applicators were also recorded in recoded pro forma through personal interview.

Results O.C. and O.P. pesticide used in the field mainly consist were Aldrine, BHC, Dimethoate, phosphomedon, Endosulphan, Melathion, Carbofuron. The morbid health conditions found were chiefly neurological (38%), eye irritation (42.2%), skin irritation (25%), stomach trouble (45%), joint pain, vomiting, excessive salivation(35%), and heart trouble. Biochemical study revealed blood ChE activity were reduced in exposed people. However biochemical test showed that blood urea, SGPT, SGOT, alkaline phosphates were in normal range.

Conclusions The present finding suggested the application of the safety measure, public awareness and training of the farmer about safe handling of pesticide along with protective devices were suggested.

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