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Poster-discussion: Cardiovascular disease
Mortality from cardiovascular diseases in men according to occupational category and business activity sector in France
  1. Eloi Diene,
  2. Aurélie Fouquet,
  3. Beatrice Geoffroy-Perez,
  4. Sylvie Julliard,
  5. Ellen Imbernon
  1. InVS, Saint Maurice, France


Objectives Despite a decrease over last decades, cardiovascular (CV) mortality remains the second cause of death among men in France. The link with occupational factors is poorly documented. A study was conducted to describe the CV mortality according to occupational category (OC) and business activity sector (BAC).

Methods Data are issued from the Cosmop program. Individual administrative occupational data from French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (DADS-Panel/Insee) have been linked to the medical causes of death from French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (CépiDc/Inserm). Our study concerns the mortality over the 1976–2002 period among men aged 35–64 years. Age-standardised mortality rates (MR) were calculated for ischemic heart diseases (IHD) and cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) according to OC and BAC.

Results MR from IHD and CVD decreased between the 1976–1982 and 1997–2002 periods. On the overall study period, MR from IHD and CVD were higher among people without employed activity (54.3 and 12.7/100 000 respectively) than for active employees (33.7 and 27.1); MR were higher among employees (38.0 and 16.3) and factory workers (37.4 and 15.1) than among executives (22.7 and 7.4 respectively). Among men with employed activity, higher IHD MR concerned the manufacture industry (36.8) the sector of transportation (36.3), whereas sectors showing the highest CVD MR were construction (14.3) and manufacture industry (14.0).

Conclusions Our analysis confirms the decrease of premature mortality from CV diseases; nevertheless it shows differences according to occupational category and business activity sector.

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