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Methodology 1
Systematic reviews for occupational safety and health: the PEROSH clearinghouse
  1. Annette Nold1,
  2. Birgitte Blatter2,
  3. Ulrike Euler3,
  4. Diana Gagliardi4,
  5. Stein Knardahl5,
  6. Elzbieta Lastowiecka-Moras6,
  7. Ole Olsen7,
  8. Jos Verbeek8
  1. 1Insititute for Occupational Safety and Health, Sankt Augustin, Germany
  2. 2TNO, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
  3. 3Federal IOSH, Berlin, Germany
  4. 4INAIL, Rome, Italy
  5. 5NIOH, Oslo, Norway
  6. 6Central Institute for Labour Protection, Warsaw, Poland
  7. 7National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen, Denmark
  8. 8FIOH, Kuopio, Finland


Objectives Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of high quality offer combined results from epidemiological studies which can be very helpful for decision making in occupational safety and health (OSH). The Clearinghouse of Systematic Reviews, a joint project of seven European research institutes, aims to make high quality reviews available that have been conducted in the field of OSH.

Methods The Clearinghouse developed a standard method for searching and selecting systematic reviews based on current research results for literature search, experience and practical application of the members of the Clearinghouse. A quality assessment for critical appraisal of the reviews was developed by adapting the established SIGN Checklist for systematic reviews and meta-analyses for OSH.

Results In 2010 the Clearinghouse published a standard method guide for searching and evaluating systematic reviews in OSH. The first lists of high-quality reviews on OSH-topics are presented in a systematic way on the PEROSH platform in the internet.

Conclusions The Clearinghouse supports knowledge transfer of OSH studies, promotes the quality of reviews and increases collaboration between research partners for joint research on OSH topics.

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