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The evidence for workplace counselling is in Medline
  1. J Verbeek
  1. Coronel Institute for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Amsterdam, Occupational Health Field, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Kuopio, Finland;

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    Henderson et al point out the increasing approval of counselling as an effective intervention to treat or prevent the effects of stress at work by British judges, although they could use expert advice on this matter.1 In reaction to this development, they pose the rhetorical question: where to find evidence on the effectiveness of counselling. In stead of answering this question they grasp the opportunity to criticise the report of the British Association for Counselling.2 I totally agree with their criticism of the report. It is of low quality and does not provide reliable evidence on the effectiveness of counselling. However, I was surprised by the fact that …

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