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Lifetime risk of silicosis death for quartz exposed workers among German population
  1. Y Sun,
  2. F Bochmann
  1. Referat Epidemiologie, BG-Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (of HVBG), Alte Heerstraße 111, Sankt Augustin 53797, Germany;

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    In a recent article of Occupational and Environmental Medicine,1 Mannetje et al presented quantitative evidence of an exposure-response relation between occupational exposure to crystalline silica and silicosis mortality in a carefully designed pooled analysis. This paper impressively showed that simple silicosis, one of the oldest occupational diseases, is still a relevant occupational health problem nowadays which may have a negative effect on the life expectancy of silica exposed workers. The quantitative evidence (exposure-response relation) presented in this paper provided a sophisticated basis for quantitative assessment of the absolute risks of silicosis deaths for workers …

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