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Chemical Weapons—Threat, Effects and Protection
  1. R L Maynard

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    Edited by L K Engman et al (pp 96). Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) Briefing Book, ON, 2002:2. Sweden: Swedish Defence Research Agency

    Current concerns about terrorism have raised the spectre of chemical warfare. Coming at the end of a period of chemical weapon disarmament among many countries this is depressing indeed. The mid 1990s incidents involving the release of the nerve agent sarin on the Tokyo subway have confirmed the reality of the threat: what can be made once can be made, and used, again. Because of this, toxicologists, pharmacologists, and physicians need to have access to texts that provide information in this area.

    Such sources are few but this small, very well illustrated and up to date book is one of the best—especially as an …

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