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A Citizen’s Guide to Air Pollution
  1. R L Maynard

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    Edited by D V Bates and R B Caton (2nd edition; pp 452 pages; $20.00). David Suzuki Foundation

    This is the second edition of a book that sets out to tell the intelligent layman, or citizen, about air pollution: its sources, effects and how it may be controlled. It succeeds. Anybody who reads this book will gain a useful and remarkably up to date grasp of the subject matter and should be able to take a confident part in discussions of and decision making in this difficult area.

    The book comprises 11 chapters, arranged fairly conventionally, beginning with the history of air pollution and proceeding via effects on health and the statistical issues raised by studies in that area to effects on vegetation, decision making, and air quality management. A chapter on indoor air pollution is added and a useful linking chapter closes the book. Twelve authors contribute, though in many chapters the original author, David Bates, is a co-author. This has ensured a consistently lucid style.

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