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Occupational Disorders of the Lung: Recognition, Management and Prevention
  1. J G Ayres

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    David J Hendrick, P Sherwood Burge, William S Beckett, Andrew Churg (pp 638; £99.99) 2002. London: WB Saunders. ISBN 0 7020 2507 0

    The authors of this book aim to draw attention to “the changing nature of the contribution the occupational environment makes to lung disease, and to the particular difficulties this poses for those who find themselves responsible for patient care or the management of relevant industries”. The result is a book which is easy to read, helped greatly by use of a standard format for each chapter. The format includes management of both the individual and the workforce, and prevention. The authors have also used difficult or “grey” cases, similar to one other textbook in the field. The difference here …

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