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Indoor air quality sampling methodologies, 1st edition
  1. J W Llewellyn

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    By K Hess-Kosa. (Pp 300; £59.99). 2001. Boca Raton, FL, USA: Lewis Publishers, CRC Press. ISBN 1-56670-539-8

    By its very nature, indoor air quality is a vast subject with a comprehensive and rapidly expanding literature of its own. A text that concentrates solely on sampling methodologies rather than a multitude of analytical methods for a plethora of indoor air pollutants is therefore to be welcomed.

    Hess-Kosa's book comprises four principal sections which deal with the planning and structure of an indoor air quality investigation, sampling for bioaerosols, chemicals, and dusts. Each section has chapters on groups of pollutants which consider occurrence, sampling strategy, sampling methodologies, an overview of analytical methods, and brief guidance on interpretation of results. Overall the book covers most common substances that air quality investigators are likely to encounter in the field. It is moderately …

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