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Crofton and Douglas's respiratory diseases, 5th edition

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    Crofton and Douglas's respiratory diseases, 5th edition. Edited by:a seaton, d seaton, a g leitch. (Pp 1696; £195.) 2000. Oxford: Blackwell. ISBN: 0 86542 8573.

    It is difficult to think that it is 30 years since the first edition of Respiratory medicine by Crofton and Douglas was published. It was the first comprehensive textbook of respiratory medicine in the United Kingdom and every respiratory physician had a well thumbed copy. The editorship moved to the present editors and the fifth edition has just been published in two volumes. The editors for the first time have invited some of their colleagues to write specific chapters.

    Crofton and Douglas has always been characterised by beautiful, lucid writing and this continues to be an outstanding feature, supported by many attractively presented figures, radiographs, and line drawings. Reading this book is a …

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