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Patty's industrial hygiene, Volumes 1–4, 5th edition

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    Patty's industrial hygiene, Volumes 1–4, 5th edition. Edited by:harris rl. (Pp 3453; £577 for all four volumes, £166 each if purchased separately.) 2000. Chichester, West Sussex, UK: John Wiley and Son. ISBN 0 471 29784 4

    This is a comprehensive occupational hygiene textbook written from a North American perspective. There are 67 chapters in four separate volumes, a total of 3453 pages covering everything from hazard recognition to control of emissions from industrial processes. Each volume is available separately although there is a discount for those who decide to purchase the four volumes together.

    The first edition of Patty's industrial hygiene was produced over 50 years ago, with each subsequent edition being produced at about 10 year intervals. The scope of the work has continued to expand as occupational hygienists have become involved with a wider range of problems. This edition brings together updated material that was previously published inPatty's industrial hygiene and toxicologyand The theory and rationale of industrial hygiene. These books are mainly intended as a reference source for the professional occupational hygienist, but they provide such a diverse range of material that …

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