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Rapid guide to hazardous chemicals in the workplace, 4th edition

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    Rapid guide to hazardous chemicals in the workplace, 4th edition. By:r j lewis. (Pp 260; £22.95.) 2000. Wiley - Interscience. ISBN: 0 471 35542 9.

    This is one of the most useful small books on hazardous chemicals that I have come across. The author and publishers also produce the large three volume Sax's dangerous properties of industrial materials of which this book is, in some ways, a selective summary. The rapid guide deals with 760 substances and runs to 260 pages: soft covered it fits easily into either pocket or briefcase.

    The coverage is wide: for example, cotton dust and silica are included as well as more straightforward chemicals. For each, details are provided in about 2 inches of page space. Compression of data is inevitable but the author has managed to extract a surprising amount of what is in his larger book. The few lines provided on properties provide a useful rapid review of key toxic effects. This is an excellent book and much handier than many books covering the same ground. All occupational physicians and hygienists should have a copy.