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Environmental toxicants: human exposures and their health effects

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    Environmental toxicants: human exposures and their health effects Edited by:morton lippmann. (Pp 987; £96.50). 2000. Chichester: Wiley, Interscience. ISBN: 0-471-29298-2.

    This is the second edition of Lippmann's well known book on environmental toxicants. Seven new chapters are included bringing the total to 30. Forty one authors make contributions and the book runs to almost 1000 pages. Despite this it is surprisingly slim, due to the use of fine high quality paper, and the book is pleasant to hold and read.

    The editor has set out to provide in depth reviews of environmental toxicants: including air pollutants, dioxins, environmental tobacco smoke, food additives, radiation, noise, metals, and microwaves. Chapters dealing with risk and methods for reducing risks are also included. The book ends with an industrial perspective, which suggests how integration of information on the effects of chemicals into corporate policies and practices for protecting health can be achieved. The …

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