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Instant notes in immunology

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    Instant notes in immunology p lydyard, a whelan, m w fanger. (Pp 328; £14.95). 1999. BIOS Scientific. ISBN: 1859960774.

    When the first edition of Roett's famous bookEssential immunology appeared in 1971, it was a small book that could be read in a weekend: the 8th edition would take a little longer! The need for a book that can be read rapidly and from which one can pick up the current thinking—at least in outline—remains unchanged and is met by this book in the BIOS Instant Notes Series. The authors have produced a book that is remarkably like a well designed Help programme on a word processor—indeed, even some of the pages look like a computer screen. Don't be put off; the layout is easy to follow and aids the learning process. The book is divided into 22 short chapters—each being subdivided into about five sections. Each section is only two to three pages long and each deals with a specific topic. Reading a subsection takes only 5-10 minutes and the text is so focused that one can hardly avoid learning. Even in the stickier passages the style is conducive to rapid uptake. Some subsections are very short—for instance, dendritic cells covered in a page or so, acute phase proteins treated similarly. All the important aspects of modern immunology are covered, including transplantation, vaccination, tumour immunology, and immunotechnology.

    This is an outstanding book for revising or relearning immunology. Much has changed in recent years but this book will bring you rapidly up to date. At £14.95 this is essential immunology!