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Future trends in mortality of French men from mesothelioma
  1. Alireza Banaeia,
  2. Bertran Auverta,b,
  3. Marcel Goldberga,
  4. Alice Gueguena,
  5. Danièle Lucea,
  6. Stephen Goldberga
  1. aINSERM Unité 88, Hôpital National de Saint-Maurice, 14 Rue du Val d'Osne, 94410 Saint-Maurice, France, bHôpital Ambroise Paré, 9 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92104 Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  1. Dr Alireza Banaeialireza{at}


OBJECTIVES Previous projections of mortality from mesothelioma among French men have used the age-generation method, based on the Poisson regression model. In this study an alternative method to model mortality from mesothelioma was used to predict its future trend: this method was based on the risk function that links this mortality to past exposure to asbestos, combined with population exposure data.

METHOD Data on past French asbestos imports were used to model the overall past exposure to asbestos in men and assess two extreme scenarios (optimistic and pessimistic) for its future trends. The number of male deaths occurring between the ages of 50 and 79, from 1997–2050, was then calculated with the risk function for mesothelioma.

RESULTS The results showed that mortality from mesothelioma among French men aged 50–79 will continue to increase, reaching a peak averaging between 1140 (optimistic scenario) and 1300 deaths (pessimistic scenario) annually around the years 2030 and 2040, respectively. No preventive measures applied now will affect this trend before then. These results are similar to those of two other predictions of mortality from mesothelioma among French men: a peak around 2030 of 800–1600 deaths annually among men aged 25–89 years, and a peak around 2020 of 1550 deaths annually among men aged 40–84.

CONCLUSIONS Our results indicate that between 1997 and 2050, the most optimistic and pessimistic trends of future exposure will lead to the deaths from mesothelioma of between 44 480 and 57 020 men, with a corresponding loss of from 877 200 to 1 171 500 person-years of life.

  • mesothelioma
  • risk function
  • mortality trends
  • prediction
  • France

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