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Key Topics in Respiratory Medicine

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    Key Topics in Respiratory Medicine w kinnera, i johnston, i hall. (Pp 169; £18.95) 1999. Oxford: BIOS. ISBN 185 996 2718.

    Key topics in respiratory medicine is a welcome addition to the literature available to candidates for membership of the Royal College of Physicians and physicians with an interest in respiratory medicine alike. The authors' aim was to provide a reference which concisely covers the major topics in respiratory practice in the United Kingdom. They have achieved this aim by creating a book which is not only contemporary, but has been designed with hands on respiratory practice in mind. Thus there are very useful sections on cough, transplantation, unusual respiratory infections, and respiratory disease in pregnancy, as well as well written and up to date information on common respiratory problems. Insight is given into respiratory disease from a different, more clinically based, perspective than is gained with standard texts.

    Only minor criticisms can be made. Readers who prefer information presented in bulleted lists may find the format verbose. Unfortunately, there is no use of diagrams or clinical photographs to aid in the presentation of ideas.

    Overall, however, Key topics in respiratory medicine will be a welcome addition to the home libraries of many physicians and physicians to be and at £18.95 is good value for money.

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